Our Philosophy

To truly be "with women" - the very essence of midwifery - we know that families deserve the benefit of both skilled care and sensitive attention to all aspects of welcoming a new child. Our roles as your midwives can take many forms. We advise. We inform. We guide. We observe. We reassure. And while we are trained to rescue, we very rarely need to. We listen to your concerns and problems, feel your growing belly and baby, wipe your tired brow in labor and eventually gaze with you at your newborn nursing in your arms. As homebirth midwives, we honor the physiological, emotional, spiritual, sexual and cultural aspects of the birthing process.

This journey is one that we feel so honored to make time and time again with birthing women and their families.

We are committed to assisting women and their families achieve the birth they desire through natural and holistic means. The care we provide is both highly skilled and individualized. We build a personal, warm, and trusting relationship so that by the time we reach the day of your baby's birth, we are able to seamlessly monitor your labor and care for you and your baby; facilitating the perfect process that is a woman’s ability to give birth. You set the tone for your birth. We strive to be the gatekeepers in the manifestation of that vision.