Testimonials and Photos

Meaghan and Peter

Having my babies at home was an experience I treasure, and the journey that led me there is engraved on my soul. Each stepping stone crossed – believing in my body, validating my knowledge, and trusting my instincts – was affirmed by my midwives. Under the care of people who believed the same thing about pregnancy and birth that I did, I felt guided, in control, and surrounded by friends. The cesarean birth of my first daughter inspired me to be a better parent – to take charge of my and my children’s health. The homebirth of my second, third and fourth daughters with River Valley Midwives empowered me to be everything I always knew I was.

Laurie and John

From the first time I met the River Valley Midwives, I knew my baby and I were in knowledgeable, capable and caring hands. I could see that their goal was for us to have a safe and healthy birth and baby. They were also focused on providing us a safe, intimate and beautiful homebirth, but it was also clear that they'd do whatever it took to ensure our safety and a healthy delivery. The River Valley Midwives helped us to have an amazing at-home water birth; after hearing some negative things about hospital birth, we were so thrilled to find this practice and know that a different type of birth was a possibility. 

I was also pleased when they reminded me that only I could deliver this baby, and that I had to work with the baby myself and that they would be there to support and coach me, but it was my job to do. This was empowering and refreshing to hear. It was also a little intimidating at first, but also a relief to know that they trusted my body and so I should, too. 

It was a comfort to know that alternatives modalities were an option and actually preferred for induction and pain relief during labor. Working with an herbalist and acupuncturist throughout my pregnancy and labor were very useful. I felt cared for as a whole person, and the baby as a growing being, not a set of numbers on a chart. I felt completely cared for in such a genuine and loving way with the River Valley Midwives; something I have never felt with another healthcare provider. I would recommend them wholeheartedly, and I hope to work with them again for future births.

Christine and Justin

We can’t thank you enough for guiding and helping us in creating such a beautiful birth experience. We will never forget Jovan’s amazing birth and are so grateful to all of you. The care I received was so warm and comforting. I always felt I was in the best hands. Note: Christine and Justin had their 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies with River Valley  Midwives. All 4 empowered homebirths!

Mara and Harry

Both Harry and I feel so grateful and blessed that the three of you were there to help us bring Eden into this world. Your wisdom, skill and caring were such gifts. When I first started to see you for pre-natals, I was surprised our visits were an hour. I was accustomed to the in/out of the medical world. At some point, I realized what we were doing was establishing connections, trust, openness... the foundations of a relationship. It was this relationship that made our home birth so different from Levi's birth. We felt safe, well-cared for, supported and held by you.

Each of you brought your individual gifts and shared them with us in gentle and loving way. Kristen- your hands are magical. I so appreciated how you touched and guided me with your hands as I was pushing. I am sure the cranio-sacral you were did while I was pushing helped bring Eden to us. And special thanks for the late night, in the rain, drop in before you left for the summer. Your efforts were tremendously appreciated!!Jharna- I am thankful for your observant eye and gentle, yet firm suggestions about my positioning and movement. Your presence was reassuring and so grounding. I grew to have great admiration and affection for you.

Amy and Dan

Birthing at home is a holy and precious experience and I am grateful I got to do it many times. Homebirth means there is no separation of mother and baby unnecessarily. Your family is one, and bonds together from the moment of birth. It is a gift for families from midwives to our communities. I have had the blessed privilege of having River Valley Midwives catch five of my six children! They would have caught my oldest, but they weren't practicing here yet.

I am grateful for the care and skill of River Valley Midwives and for their awareness to the needs of the situation. I went from 6cm to baby on the outside in 6 minutes at one birth, and Jharna was right there with me. At another birth, a baby needed some cranio-sacral support, and Kristen was right there with that baby and with me.

Midwife means with woman, I was privileged to have the midwives from River Valley with me.

Susan and Mat

Having our baby at home kept the magic and wonder in the experience of giving birth. With River Valley Midwives, we had the confidence of knowing we were always in good hands. While it was wonderful having them and our good friend Karen there for the birth, it was even more wonderful when everyone left - leaving us peacefully in our own home with our newborn son.

Danielle and Curt

Shortly after giving birth to our first daughter at a birthing center in Virginia, my husband and I thought to ourselves, we could do that at home. Two years and several major moves later, we were pregnant again and not quite as sure anymore. But after meeting Kristen and Jharna in their office, our confidence in them was secure and our confidence in ourselves was restored. They brought a sense of calm and peace to the entire pregnancy, spending sometimes more than an hour at prenatal visits, answering questions and exploring every aspect of our impending homebirth. The prenatal care we received with River Valley Midwives was far more comfortable and comprehensive, in fact, than that of the OB/GYN practice during our first pregnancy.

When the big day arrived, we were all prepared and ready. Our baby girl was born into our world and our home simultaneously, ushered in by this incredible team of midwives. I cannot imagine a better way to give birth, or a better birth team to have support me. Their gentle yet confident and knowledgeable manner, not only with me but also with my husband, older daughter, and even extended family as they arrived, was impeccable. I have recommended River Valley Midwives to several friends and will continue to do so. I believe that they are offering an incredibly important service to women and families and a beautiful model for what birth could look like for so many more.