Cradle Maternal Wellness Center

(Directed by our own Kirsten Lane)
Cradle is a holistic wellness center, studio and store for new and expecting parents. Classes, wellness services, and essential products for the blossoming family. At Cradle you can receive acupuncture, pre and postnatal massage, lactation counseling, chiropractic care, sleep consults for infants and young children, cranio-sacral massage and more. Cradle is also the home to both our practice and the satellite office for Midwifery Care of Holyoke, a practice of six hospital-based midwives. Weekly parent support groups, childbirth education, music and educational classes for infants and toddlers and a store filled with great supplies for natural parenting such as cloth diapers, nursing bras, baby carriers, organic bath and body supplies, books, blanket, booties and more.

Kristen Bernard, CST

Kristen offers her cranio-sacral therapy services both independently and through Cradle Maternal Wellness Center. She specializes in the treatment of women during pregnancy and postpartum and infants with issues such as breastfeeding difficulties, birth trauma, colic, sleep issues, digestive difficulties, eczema and other common challenges in the first year of life. For mothers-to-be, cranio-sacral therapy helps to unwind and open the pelvis and sacrum prior to birth and be can deeply restorative to the body post birth.

413-341-5282 (to book an appointment at Cradle)


Juice Plus+ is 17 raw fruits and vegetables with the water, sodium and sugar taken out and the remaining fruit and vegetable compound is placed into a capsule.

Studies have shown that whole food is the most effective way to prevent disease. New research has proven without a doubt that what is consumed in pregnancy has the ability to change the  genetic makeup of your unborn child. An extensive pregnancy research study showed that Juice Plus+ participants had no pre-eclampsia, no underweigh newborns, no hypertension and several other positive markers of pregnancy health.

Jharna and her husband are local distributors of the supplement JuicePlus+.

If you are interested call 413-265-0274 or

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