Jharna Harvey Ahmai, CPM, RN

Jharna offers private consultations regarding postpartum depression as well as birth trauma. Jharna has 26 years experience as a midwife (CPM - Certified Professional Midwife) and 18 years experience as a psychiatric registered nurse. She can be reached by text or cell phone at  413-265-0274 or


Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is 17 raw fruits and vegetables with the water, sodium and sugar taken out and the remaining fruit and vegetable compound is placed into a capsule.

Studies have shown that whole food is the most effective way to prevent disease. New research has proven without a doubt that what is consumed in pregnancy has the ability to change the  genetic makeup of your unborn child. An extensive pregnancy research study showed that Juice Plus+ participants had no pre-eclampsia, no underweight newborns, no hypertension and several other positive markers of pregnancy health.

Jharna and her husband are local distributors of the supplement JuicePlus+.

If you are interested call or text Jharna at  413-265-0274 or


Kristen Bernard, CST, RN

Kristen offers her cranio-sacral therapy services both independently and through River Valley Midwives office. She specializes in the treatment of women during pregnancy and postpartum and infants with issues such as breastfeeding difficulties, birth trauma, colic and sleep issues. Kristen is also a lactation consultant.She can be reached at 413-824-8829


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