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Western MA HomeBirth Midwife

Your birth

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Midwife Supported Homebirths Since 1992

Based in Northampton in Western Massachusetts, River Valley Midwives provides homebirth midwifery care for families in the Pioneer Valley including Northampton, Easthampton, Hadley, Amherst, Belchertown, Granby, Holyoke, South Hadley, Chicopee, Springfield, Deerfield, Conway, Shelburne Falls, Greenfield, Turners Falls, Orange, Athol, Barre as well as the surrounding communities and parts of Central Massachusetts.

"Do Not Look for Your Dreams to Come True. Look to be True to Your Dreams"

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Jharna Harvey Ahmai CPM, RN

Years as a
Homebirth Midwife


Home Births


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This is Your Birth Journey

You own the deep knowing within you. Safe homebirths include highly skilled and individualized trauma-informed care. If this is your first birth (yay!), VBAC or HBAC(yay!), or you are just looking for the right homebirth midwife in Western and Central MA, let's talk.

We Listen. We Inform. We Guide.
We Collaborate. We Trust. We Uplift.

YOU set the tone of your birth. WE strive to be the gatekeepers of that vision.

My wife and I have been so fortunate to have birthed 3 healthy, beautiful babies in our home under the love and care of River Valley Midwives.  The breadth of experience was a great comfort during our prenatal checkups.  During labor, they were steadfastly there, listening, intuiting, and including all family members in the process. . . From our initial meeting with them up until the last hug on our final visit, it was clear that these women would be honorary family members for life.

Missy, Deerfield MA

Pregnancy is a powerful and sacred event. It was through working with River Valley Midwives over the months of pregnancy that I too began to understand the power of birth, and the humility and grace one must enter into this process with.

After birth they know what is needed at every turn for you, your partner and your new babe. The kind of personalized, intuitive, and detail oriented care following birth is priceless. In our case looking into Jharna's eyes (which have a direct route to the core of the universe)* is how I was able to hold it together and remember my strength.

Louisa, Turners Falls MA

The cesarean birth of my first daughter inspired me to be a better parent – to take charge of my and my children’s health. The homebirth of my second, third and fourth daughters with River Valley Midwives empowered me to be everything I always knew I was.

Meaghan, Agawam MA

I knew from the moment I met you that you would guide me through my homebirth after a traumatic cesarean birth. And you did! You are my hero’s. I cannot thank you enough!”

Nadiana, Greenfield, MA

Start Your Own Rite of Passage Today

Birthing at home with a midwife is a personal choice. An Empowered Choice. Your Choice.

As your Western MA homebirth midwife  I am committed to holistic midwifery care.

  • Comprehensive, Inclusive and Holistic 1 hour Prenatal Appointments,
  • Compassionate, Supportive and Encompassing Labor and Birth Attendance by 2 Highly Skilled Midwives,
  • Complete Postpartum Care including Newborn Exam and Screening with Pediatrician Collaboration
  • Support for Planned Hospital Birth (if desiring holistic approach and guidance for your best experience)
  • Pre and Post Birth Anxiety, Depression and Mood Assessments with Individualized Recommendations
  • Family Wellness Homevisits After a Planned Hospital Birth