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Mentoring for Student Midwives

Are you a student midwife, beginning the CPM process of getting certified through NARM or in the first 3 years of newly starting a homebirth practice but really wish you had someone to collaborate with, listen, advise, review and provide support while having your back? Birthing YourSelf Midwifery Mentorship is the place where you can find that support and upliftment.

Jharna’s strength is in allowing new midwives, students, and apprentices to find their own voice while providing the support, 30-year perspective, and logistical grounded guidance to assist in your vision of being an independently practicing midwife. Your Personal Midwifery-Focused Life Coach.

I have studied and learned from many midwives and doctors, but the most meaningful and fundamental learning I ever did was with Jharna Harvey Ahmai.  

Jharna possesses the ability to instruct with a gentle wisdom that only comes from a deep trust in women, birth and the Divine. 

Jharna has the ability to act as a support, while simultaneously allowing her students to take further and deeper steps on their own midwifery journeys. Jharna teaches skills in a way that are both educational in a traditional way, as well as educational in a holistic way that encompasses the whole woman.  

I am forever grateful to this amazing one- of- a- kind woman for giving me the wisdom and knowledge of midwifery and guiding me to learn the skills that have been my foundation on my own path of spiritual midwifery.

Chana Luba Ertel CPM,